If you’re struggling with grief, this is the perfect place for you.

I know that life can be hard when someone you love dies. But you don't have to live in a state of constant sadness and despair. There's hope for peace and joy again - even after loss has come into your life.

Awaken Meditation & Journaling for Grief is an online program that guides you step-by-step from coping with the heartache of grief to living a life you want to live. 

You will have instant access to the Mindfulness & Grief Online Course Library, which features meditation training, best-practices for self-care during grief, and ways you can keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart while living a full and healthy life. 

You can choose the course only, or if you enjoy the company of people who "get it," join us for weekly live meditation and journaling classes on Monday at 2 PM EST and Tuesday at 7 PM EST. Seasonal workshops help you prepare for holidays, and Member-to-Member Sharing Circles give you a chance to connect with your tribe in a small group setting.

Looking for some extra support? The Awaken Coaching Package gives you access to the course, live events, and a private monthly session with Heather Stang, author, thanatologist, and founder of the Mindfulness & Grief Institute.

More than a grief program, Awaken is a lifestyle system that will help you build resilience and health for years to come. You don't have to figure this out on your own. 

I'm Heather Stang

My grief journey began at the age of 7, when my Uncle Doug died by suicide. I have loved and lost many people and pets since that time, and now support people who are grieving with meditation and guidance rooted in thanatology  — the study of death, dying, and bereavement — in which I hold a master's degree.

Grief not only breaks your heart, it impacts your body and your spirit. Meditation and journaling can help you pick up the pieces and start reconstructing your life. 

Awaken will show you the way. With weekly meetings and on-demand classes that feature guided meditations and journaling prompts, you will find all the tools you need — along with a lot of community love — to support you as you navigate life after loss.

What You Get When You Join Us

For just $39/month you will get everything you need to navigate life after loss. Plus when you join by May 30, you get a private session with Heather Stang, author of Mindfulness & Grief and From Grief To Peace, to help you get started and get the most from your membership. 


Roadmaps feature short mini-courses to help you deal with the most common issues in grief and loss.


The Mindfulness & Grief Course Library helps you cope with the pain and honor the love that remains.


Weekly coaching calls help you move forward and include meditation practice and a focused discussion.


Awaken's private Facebook group connects you with resources and supportive members.