Self-care during grief can help you suffer less in mind, body, and spirit. Just doing one of these self-care practices can start the ball rolling, so don’t feel like you need to do all nine at once. The list is in no particular order, so scan through and pick one or two that feels “doable.”

9 Self-Care Tips For Grief: Reduce Your Suffering in Mind, Body & Spirit

When Faith Wilcox’s daughter Elizabeth began to complain about knee pain, her doctors thought it was just growing pains and she would be fine. As her pain continued, she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer that affects pediatric patients.

#53 Hope Is a Bright Star: Finding Comfort & Peace After the Death of a Child with Author Faith Wilcox

During my career as an addiction professional, I worked with many individuals who had trouble forgiving what they perceived to be injustices done to them by their families, close friends, or peer groups. Frankly, there are certain actions that are impossible for others to forgive.  Being able to forgive is viewed as key to “letting

Forging a Path to Forgiveness

Beth Cavenaugh shares with us her personal experience as a nurse-turned-hospice worker at the request of her mom during her mom’s final stage of life. Beth talks about her love of her work with families and patients and what caregivers need to think about during such a difficult period of time.

#52 Some Light at the End: Your Bedside Guide for Peaceful Palliative & Hospice Care with Hospice Nurse Beth Cavenaugh

Until he met Patty Furino, bereaved father Dave Roberts didn’t believe that the signs he kept seeing were coming from his beloved daughter, Jeannine. But soon, everything changed. In this episode of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, Dave shares his journey of love and loss and how the signs from his daughter transformed from triggering waves of grief into joy, and how they remind Dave that Jeannine is still close.

#51 Signs from Beyond: A Father’s Journey Towards Peace with Dave Roberts & Patty Furino

In episode 50 of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, Reid Petersonshares his story of losing both father figures in his life and the grief that comes with living without those important people. Although he was not close to his biological father the way he hoped, Reid still grieves the relationship that he wished he had with him. After his loss, Reid found support through grief groups but wanted more consistent support. This led him to create a grief support app that offers daily audio messages for grief education.

#50 Fatherless Odyssey: Navigating Both Biological & Step-Father Loss with Reid Peterson

In episode 49, bereaved father Eric Hodgdon explores how he leads a life of intention in the wake of incredible pain over the death of his daughter, Zoi, who died by suicide. He shares his fond memories of a loving and fun girl who was a sweet, supportive peer to those who knew her. Family, friends, and patients who traveled their mental health path alongside her all remember Zoi as a very special person.

#49 A Sherpa Named Zoi: How to Walk Through Grief & Live With Intention with Eric Hodgdon

Ronald Mathias talks to us about his field of medical illustration: the art of taking complex medical procedures, descriptions, or concepts and turning them into something visual for ease of understanding. He spends most of his time translating traumatic injuries and building empathy for the pain someone has suffered into a visual medium for litigation.

#48 The Art of Visualizing Grief: Translating Pain Into Pictures with Ronald Mathias

The tables are turned as Heather Stang, the regular host of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, is interviewed by guest host Audrey Hughey about the new guided journal for grief, From Grief to Peace, which releases on June 1, 2021. Heather shares how she began journaling about her grief over her Uncle Doug’s death in high school

#47 From Grief to Peace: Guided Journaling For Mindfulness & Compassion

In episode 46, lifelong friends Shelley Buck and Kathy Curtis share their journey of childhood friendship, staying in touch through college, and the comfort that Kathy provided to Shelley following the devastating loss of her son, Ryder. Ryder was a talented musician and world traveler who continued to live his life to the fullest even after his Stage IV cancer diagnosis.

#46 Leave Your Light On: Friendships & Continuing Bonds After Loss with Shelley Buck and Kathy Curtis

In episode 45, Angela Kennecke shares with us her story of losing her beautiful 21-year-old daughter, Emily, to overdose. Angela and her family were just a normal family. Emily was a gifted student and cheerleader. But Emily was struggling with one of the most common problems in America — addiction. Her sudden and unexpected death changed the lives of her family forever.

#45 Emily’s Hope: Coping With Grief & Erasing The Stigma Of Overdose Loss with Angela Kennecke

In episode 44, we talk to Author Jenny Lisk about her experience of parenting and caregiving for her husband during his aggressive form of brain cancer and eventually becoming a single parent and widow.

#44 Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family & Finding My Voice with Jenny Lisk

In episode 43, New York Times Bestselling author, Adam Mansbach, talks with us about his new memoir “I HAD A Brother Once” which details his grief of losing his brother by suicide a decade ago. As a writer, he struggled for nine years before he was finally able to write about his brother. Although he is known for his very successful novels, Adam’s new book is written poetry style with dramatic storytelling about his life. In it, he shares how his brother David felt he had to wear masks to hide his real self, and the importance of removing the masks of shame and guilt to save lives.

#43 I HAD A Brother Once: Unmasking the Grief of Sibling Loss by Suicide with Adam Mansbach

In Episode 42, Dr. Amy Novotny shares her emotional journey of living with a mother that was bipolar and suffered from borderline personality disorder, being tutored by her throughout higher education, and eventually losing her to cancer. The grief left Amy struggling with an unexplainable physical illness that she was eventually able to overcome, and now she teaches how to ease your physical pain when grief is stored in the body.

#42 How Grief Is Stored In The Body & What We Can Do To Help Ourselves Ease The Pain with Dr. Amy Novotny

When two health scares hit Katherine May’s family, she was forced to slow down and learn a valuable lesson — staying busy doesn’t always mean you’re doing something productive with your time. The idea of wintering creates the opportunity to slow down the pace of life, observe as it transitions from one season to another, and find hope in the next phase of your life.

#41 Just A Boy Blaming Himself: Revisiting Childhood Loss Through A Grown Up’s Eyes with Daniel Hess