Embracing the ongoing relationship we share with our loved ones isn’t clinging to the past, but rather a brave act of carrying their light into our present and future, allowing their essence to enrich our lives eternally. In the wake of loss, it’s not unusual to feel a deep sense of disconnection. You might even feel

The Beauty of Continuing Bonds: Remembering Through Journaling

Skillful courage is the graceful dance where we embody the essence of bamboo: a harmonious duet of strength and vulnerability, standing tall yet willing to sway with life’s rhythms. Grief is rarely experienced without a felt sense of fear. Whether tied to a specific situation, like financial insecurity or the loss of your ride or die,

Skillful Courage in Grief: 11 Tips To Find Resilience Amidst Vulnerability

In the aftermath of loss, our assumptive world shatters, leaving us to navigate a landscape unrecognizable and fraught with uncertainty. It is through the earnest journey of self-reflection and the courage to rebuild that we may unearth the profound meaning hidden within our grief, forging a path towards more than mere survival, but living more

The Hero’s Journey for Grief: Finding Meaning in a Changed World

Compassion begins within. In the landscape of grief, your heart needs care first. Tend to it with kindness, and watch how it opens up to the world. In a previous post, we explored the Six Paramitas for creating peace during grief. Today, we’ll take another step on this journey with Pema Chödrön’s insights from When Things

Widening The Circle of Compassion: Start With Your Grieving Heart

Life after loss is not about stitching up the wounds and becoming what you once were, but rather embracing the imperfections, learning, and moving forward with wisdom. When things fall apart, how do you piece them together again? How do you find peace in chaos, especially when the pain of grief is bearing down on you?

When Things Fall Apart: Finding Peace In The Wake of Loss

Sleep hygiene is not just about a good night’s sleep. It’s a pathway to healing and resilience, especially after a loss. By transforming your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, you’re creating a soothing environment that can alleviate anxiety, promote good rest, and offer comfort in a time of grief. Whether it’s decluttering or using calming

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary After a Loss

Sharing the journey of self-care in the wake of grief is a profoundly transformative experience. When we come together to learn and grow, we create an extraordinary network of compassion and understanding. It’s as if our capacity for resilience, healing, and self-care doesn’t merely double, but expands exponentially. It’s in this shared connection where we

The Power of Companionship: Mastering Self-Care Skills In Community

Comic-con San Diego 2023Friday, July 21, 2023 at 5:30 PM: Co-authors of the book Superhero Grief: The Transformative Power of Loss—Dr. Jill Harrington, David Carey, Dr. Tashel Bordere, Heather Stang, Brendan Prout, and Lindsey Fenton Whissel—discuss superhero stories as methods for processing grief and practical approaches for improving coping skills for those struggling with grief after a loss, using characters made

How Superheroes Cope With Grief & Loss

Ignoring your feelings may work temporarily, but is not a sustainable strategy. It is by acknowledging and truly feeling your emotions that you can navigate through the tempest. The journey of grief is not about avoiding the storm, but learning how to walk in the rain, honoring your love, loss, and truth in each droplet.

R.A.I.N. Meditation for Grief & Loss

In every relationship, even the most challenging, lies a hidden opportunity for growth and transformation. Compassion allows us to uncover these opportunities, not to permit further harm, but to liberate ourselves from the heavy chains of drama and pain. It is through this understanding that we offer ourselves a profound gift – the freedom of

Coping with Difficult Relationships When You are Grieving

Reflecting on my stepfather’s death, I am reminded that life and relationships are beautifully complex, akin to the mosaic of human existence. The man was a colorful contradiction, his good times echoing the rhythm of life’s rich melody and his struggles amplifying its dissonant undertones. Amidst sorrow and joy, his legacy continues, not just in

Organ Donation: My Stepfather’s Living Legacy

Even in his absence, your connection with your father deeply etches itself on your heart. Reflecting on his imprint isn’t just an act of nostalgia; it’s a testament of enduring love that transcends his physical presence. Embracing this imprint within your grief, you nurture your natural longing for closeness. In this act of remembering, you

Father’s Day Grief: A Guided Meditation To Nurture Your Continuing Bond

Navigating through Father’s Day after a complex relationship can be a challenging and emotional process. It’s a day that can stir up a mix of emotions, especially if your relationship with your father was marked by mental illness, addiction, or any form of abuse. For me, my stepfather had bipolar disorder, a condition that brought an

Tips To Cope With Father’s Day Grief When Your Relationship Was Difficult

Even in their absence, our loved ones continue to shape our lives, reminding us that love transcends physical presence. By cherishing their memory, we turn our grief into a testament of love, a bridge to healing, and a celebration of resilience. Life is an enduring journey of love, loss, and renewal. One of the most challenging

Keeping the Connection Alive: Nurturing The Continuing Bond With Your Loved Ones

If you feel stuck in your grieving process, alternate point-of-view grief journaling prompts can be a much-needed catalyst for emotional breakthroughs and new insights. As the author of one of From Grief To Peace, one of the most beloved grief journals out there, and as a “journaler” myself, I know firsthand how powerful writing is to help metabolize

10 Alternative Point of View Journaling Prompts To Help You Get Unstuck In Grief