Warriors of Life: Conquering Grief and Battling Your Way Back To Happiness

MINDFULNESS & GRIEF PODCAST EPISODE 24Warriors of Life with Richie PryorConquering Grief & Battling Your Way Back To HappinessShow Notes:Richie Pryor’s son and namesake, Richard, sadly died in his sleep a few weeks after a family vacation to Hawaii. Naturally, Richie felt great heartache after the loss of his son, but has found a way ... Read More >>

Getting Through It: Writing About the Landslide of Grief

I write to think about questions that are preoccupying me. In my novel Landslide, I consider how resilience arises out of catastrophic loss. When I started the novel, my mother and three close friends had died. My husband had battled cancer. I had gone through unexplained, early menopause which also felt like sorrow and loss. ... Read More >>