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Grief and Sleep [Infographic] – 7 Tips to Cope with Insomnia after Loss

While insomnia is considered a common grief reaction, sleeplessness should not be ignored. A lack of sleep impacts the immune system, your moods, and your ability to handle day-to-day tasks. This handy infographic will help keep sleep tips top of mind. ... Read More >>

The Past can Teach Us to be Of Service to Ourselves After Loss

Dave Roberts discusses how looking back on your life can determine if what you’ve accomplished has meaning, for you and for others who have crossed your path. ... Read More >>

Parental Death: The Ultimate Teen Guide

Losing your mother while you’re still young and dependent is one of the hardest things to go through. Michelle Shreeve knows that pain and offers unique therapies to help teens and children cope with their loss. ... Read More >>

Until Death Do Us NOT Part (Part 2)

As a follow up to her letter to her deceased husband, JenCB shares some of the techniques she uses, and teaches today, for coping with grief and loss and getting through the sadness. ... Read More >>

‘Til Death Do Us NOT Part (Part 1)

In this touching letter to her deceased husband, Jen CB lovingly comes to the realization that death does not part them and that the vows they made live on. ... Read More >>

Sometimes The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room in Our Hearts

Under the surface of a seemingly normal routine was a cloud of uncertainty and trepidation. We had a second opinion appointment on this day at 11:30 am with a local vet because of issues that had recently manifested with one of our cats, Nitske. Grief is not lessened just because the loved one is four-legged. Dave shares his loss and his approach to losing Nitske in this loving article. ... Read More >>

Six Herbs for Grieving and Healing

Herbs can be invaluable as healing aids for our mental, emotional, and physical states during heartache and bereavement. Joanne Zerdy, educator, researcher, and grieving mom shares her insights into the herbal powerhouses that can help you deal with grief. ... Read More >>

When it Comes to Grief, let the Pain Come

Death is such a taboo subject in our society that people often go to great lengths to avoid someone who is grieving because they don’t know what to say or how to act around them. Rebecca provides some solid advice for interacting with the grief of others. ... Read More >>