Grief Articles

Acknowledging Tough Times

                        It is only fair to acknowledge that there may come a day where you feel completely derailed, and it will seem like sitting down to meditate is just not possible. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 138

Finding Refuge in the Present

                        You do have the ability to find refuge in the present moment, even on what seems like the worst day of your life. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Finding Peace and Equanimity in the Present

                        A regular meditation practice can help you find peace and equanimity in this moment, without concern about the past or what is to come. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques

                        Relaxation techniques will help you through these difficult times and will also keep your body healthy for years to come so that you can live more fully. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Not Denying Your Pain

                        You do not need to pretend you are not in pain, but you do not need to become your pain either. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Ashes of Grief, Ground of Love

                        From the ashes of grief the ground of love will be fertilized, your closed body will begin to open back up, and you will arrive changed, but intact, on the other side. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Deepening Bonds

                        As you open up and share your vulnerability and journey, the bond between you will deepen. That is why it is important to choose a person who you trust, and who will be able to let you speak and be heard for an Read More

Creating a Sharing Experience

                        By this point, most people in the group no longer see themselves as separate, but recognize that we are one in this human experience. You can create this sharing experience with a good friend, or with someone who has experienced the same loss as Read More

Sharing and Witnessing

Sharing helps to heal not only the person who is speaking, but also the person who compassionately witnesses the offering. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 134 I know this to be true from the bottom of my heart. It is through witnessing each other that we recognize the true nature of interdependence, and find the Read More

Return Your Focus to Your Breath

                        Of course, from time to time you will recognize that you got “hooked” by a thought. When that happens, return your focus to your breath until you are ready to let go and experience choiceless awareness again. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 134