Unfolding Moments

                        Mindfulness, simply put, means paying attention to the present moment as it unfolds. From “Grief And Your Body” More on Mindfulness and Grief

Seeking Relief for Mind, Body, & Spirit

                        This may be easier said than done; the shock and pain of grief may deplete energy and leave few resources available for recovery. Yoga and meditation may provide relief to your mind, body and spirit, and is accessible to all body types, regardless … Read More >>

Nuture Body and Spirit

                        It is important to participate in moderate exercise, eat a balanced diet, get a good rest, nurture your spirit and receive compassionate, non-judgmental support. From “Grief And Your Body” More on Mindfulness and Grief

Grief And Stress Signals

                        Professionals agree that the natural grief reaction sends the body into the state of stress, invoking the well known “fight or flight” response. From “Grief And Your Body”  More on Mindfulness & Grief   

Grief’s Impact

                        If you have experienced a significant loss you are probably aware of the damaging effect grief has on the health of your body, mind and spirit. From “Grief And Your Body”  More on Mindfulness & Grief 

Observe Your Thoughts

                        Observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations arrive, sustain, and then fade away. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 134

Choiceless Awareness

                        You don’t need to control anything; just watch your experience. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 134

Who You Are, Who You’re Becoming

                        Write a special journal entry that describes who you are now, or who you are in the process of becoming. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Sharing Our Grief Stories

                        Research indicates that sharing our stories and feelings of loss is beneficial both psychologically and physically, and it is a nice closing ritual for a grief group itself. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Defining Sangha

                        The sangha refers to a spiritual community that follows Buddhist principles. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 130