Mindfulness In The Trenches Keynote

60-Minute Keynote Presentation for Crisis Response Workers By Heather Stang

Mindfulness In The Trenches Session Description: 

Facing the reality that a loved one has died is overwhelming, yet bereaved people also have to cope with physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual suffering. Mindfulness-based techniques – including meditation and yoga – can help bereaved clients reduce unpleasant side effects while learning powerful coping skills. The inward focus cultivated during these practices also validates thoughts, sensations and emotions, which leads to a greater self-efficacy and may foster posttraumatic growth.

During this session, Heather Stang, author of Mindfulness & Grief, will review evidence based literature and offer case examples to illustrate how mindfulness and yoga can be applied as a grief intervention for acute symptoms including anxiety, depression, insomnia and somatic disturbances. Best practices for developing partnerships with yoga and mindfulness teachers in your community will also be explored.

Mindfulness In The Trenches Session Objectives:

  • Explore the research that illustrates how mindfulness and yoga can help reduce physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual suffering.
  • Describe how mindfulness and yoga can provide bereavement support through case examples from private and group sessions.
  • Explain how grief professionals can partner with yoga and meditation professionals to create bereavement support programs in their community.

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