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Are you ready to go beyond just coping with grief and actually cultivate a healthy lifestyle based on self-compassion and self-care? I know it may seem far-fetched when you are in the throes of grief, but transformation is possible.  Of course no one chooses to be in the grief-club, but given that we are here, why not learn how to manage our anxiety and stress so we can suffer less, honor our loved ones, and live our life with more purpose and meaning?

Many of us will try to cope with grief though counseling and support groups, and these can be helpful. But if you want lasting change, try adding meditation for grief to the mix.  Meditation will:

  • Help you reduce physical tension 
  • Soothe difficult emotions
  • Foster a greater sense of connection to yourself
  • Honor the memory of your special person

Make the changes you long for in your life, while reduce your suffering along the way.  Sign up today, and you will get an easy-to-do guided meditation that will help you calm your mind and relax your body in just 5 minutes. 

I can't wait to see you in the workshop!

Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT
meditation for grief heather stang