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Guest Bloggers: Write For MindfulnessAndGrief.com

We are excited to extend the reach of Mindfulness and Grief to include insight from other knowledgeable death, dying, and bereavement professionals, as well as personal stories from those of you who have used mindfulness, yoga and/or expressive arts to cope with grief and loss. We accept articles that have not appeared - nor will not appear - elsewhere on the internet. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog, read the FAQ below and then submit the application form.

Guest Blogger FAQs

Q: I'd like to pitch a blog post to you. What topics are appropriate?

A: These posts should provide support or discuss a resource for people who are grieving or anticipating the death of a loved one. Priority is given to topics that relate to our site's themes: mindfulness, meditation, caretakers, self-care, yoga, writing, expressive arts, etc. These ideas are just a start; there's no limit to ways these topics can be addressed and touch people's lives. Posts can highlight both personal and professional experiences.

Q: How long should articles be?

A: Short form articles are usually between 300-500 words. However, we will accept longer articles if space is required for clarity.

Q: How will my article be promoted?

A: In addition to appearing on MindfulnessAndGrief.com, we will promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, using platform appropriate frequency rates. You will be cited as the author in the byline, and the page will link back to your blog , include your brief bio and photograph, as well as link to your social media profiles.

Q: Should I send you my article now?

A: If you have an article ready to go that has not been published elsewhere, feel free to past the first few paragraphs in the "Brief Overview" section of the form below.

Interested in submitting your work to mindfulnessandgrief.com? Fill out the form below:

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