Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day

Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day Just as you make it through the winter holiday season, Valentine’s Day hits. If you are grieving a beloved, this day is one of the worse—like salt in a wound. It is natural to revisit grief on anniversaries and holidays, but it can be very challenging to weather all … Read More >>

Focus Meditation For Grief

Give Your Mind A Break With Focus Meditation Many of us experience grief as a mental fog. It is normal to feel scattered and forgetful – so go easy on yourself. Just like the warning label on many prescription drugs, it might be a good idea to steer clear of operating a car or any … Read More >>

Guided Meditation for Grief and Loss

Grief leaves most of us feeling unhinged, unsure of where to begin our healing journey. I recorded this guided meditation for grief and loss with the hope that it can be an anchor during tough times.

A Different Kind Of New Year: Coping With Grief In “The Year of Firsts”

When someone we love dies it is not uncommon to have moments where we expect them to return to us. We absentmindedly set the table for two, or pick up the ringing phone and expect it to be their voice on the other end of the line. While not everyone who grieves will experience this magical thinking, it may help to know that it is normal, at least for a period of time.

Breathing Exercise for Grief & Stress

Breathing exercises are one of the most helpful things you can do when you are grieving or stressed.  This week you will focus on an expansive breathe exercise called the Three Part Breath. It will deepen your connection to your body and help you bring conscious awareness to the present moment. Tension in your body … Read More >>

Loving Kindness Meditation

Metta, the meditative practice of loving-kindness, is not only a way to send well wishes to those you care about, but can support you in being compassionate to those in your life that you find difficult, or even downright hostile. Metta Prayer of Loving Kindness May you be happy, as I wish to be happy. … Read More >>

Grief and your body

If you have experienced a significant loss you are probably aware of the damaging effect grief has on the health of your body, mind and spirit. Professionals agree that the natural grief reaction sends the body into the state of stress, invoking the well known “fight or flight” response. When left unchecked, this response may … Read More >>