Self-Compassion as Self-Care for Grief: How Being Kind To Yourself Reduces Suffering After Loss (Includes Guided Meditation MP3s)

Self-compassion as self-care for grief is the practice of making skillful choices that will reduce suffering and improve the quality of your life. It goes beyond creating healthy habits, such as exercise, a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and getting the right amount of sleep – though these can all help with grief. Self-compassion … Read More >>

Guided Relaxation for Grief, Anxiety & Stress

During this 30 minute practice, I will guide you through a breathing exercise and then a progressive muscle relaxation practice. Next you will focus on a neutral or calming word or phrase. Finally, you imagine “seeing” a healing image of yourself, and if possible imagine feeling your body completely whole and well.

Guided Meditation for Grief and Loss

Grief leaves most of us feeling unhinged, unsure of where to begin our healing journey. I recorded this guided meditation for grief and loss with the hope that it can be an anchor during tough times.