Self-Compassion as Self-Care for Grief: How Being Kind To Yourself Reduces Suffering After Loss (Includes Guided Meditation MP3s)

Self-compassion as self-care for grief is the practice of making skillful choices that will reduce suffering and improve the quality of your life. It goes beyond creating healthy habits, such as exercise, a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and getting the right amount of sleep – though these can all help with grief. Self-compassion … Read More >>

Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day

Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day Just as you make it through the winter holiday season, Valentine’s Day hits. If you are grieving a beloved, this day is one of the worse—like salt in a wound. It is natural to revisit grief on anniversaries and holidays, but it can be very challenging to weather all … Read More >>

Guided Self-Inquiry Meditation for Grief

  This Guided Self-Inquiry Meditation for Grief accompanies the “Tending the Garden of Grief” article written by Heather Stang for the Fall 2016 edition of the TAPS Magazine. TAPS is a wonderful, supportive organization for U.S. military survivors.  It is in their honor that I offer this guided meditation as both an audio and as … Read More >>

Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation On Aging

  “The afternoon knows what the morning never expected.” Had I heard Poet Laureate Robert Frost ‘s wise words in my teens or 20s, I would have been filled with dread. In high school, I was so resistant to the idea of aging that I secretly hoped that at the age of 29.9 I would … Read More >>

Focus Meditation For Grief

Give Your Mind A Break With Focus Meditation Many of us experience grief as a mental fog. It is normal to feel scattered and forgetful – so go easy on yourself. Just like the warning label on many prescription drugs, it might be a good idea to steer clear of operating a car or any … Read More >>

Vision Board for Your Life After Loss

When you were a child, did anyone ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  If so, what did you answer? Most of us had grand visions for our future—we did not set limits on what we could accomplish. Our imagination was free to roam wild, unburdened by what Mike Dooley … Read More >>

How To Choose A Grief Journal

Your grief journal will help you speak your truth without judgement, untangle confusing thoughts, honor your loved one, and explore your continuing narrative in your life after loss. Additionally, you can use a grief journal to continue your conversation with your loved one after their death. After all, the relationship you have never goes away—the … Read More >>