Grief Articles

The Experience of Mindful Journaling

                        Feel the pen in your hand; see the paper. Experience the sensations arising in your body. Observe how it feels to tell your story while simultaneously experiencing profound emotion. From Mindfulness and Grief, Page 32

Writing in the Present

                        Although you may be writing about a memory, or a vision of the future, it is important that you are aware that you are writing about it in the present. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 32

Mindful Journaling

                        You may decide to write more often than once a day, or even to carry your Mindfulness Journal with you wherever you go, and write when the mood strikes. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 32

Your Mindfulness Journal

                        A mindfulness journal will be a private place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment by others. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 32

Acceptance: A Loaded Word

                        Acceptance is a loaded word; when used unskillfully it makes us feel unseen, unheard, and demoralized. If you have ever been told to “buck up” or “get over it,” you know how this feels. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 14

Heartache, Love, Fear, Anger, Gratitude

                        If we skillfully apply this principle of mindfulness to grief, it means we observe the fullness of our experience: our heartache and love and fear and anger and our gratitude for the friend with the casserole, and whatever else shows up. From Mindfulness Read More

Mindfulness Only Requires Practice

                        It is important to recognize that you do not need to believe in the Buddha or be a Buddhist to benefit from these practices. Mindfulness does not require faith; it requires only practice. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 12

Laughter Lets the Light In

                        Do not be afraid to smile, and remember that laughter lets the light into our hearts. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 136

Remembering Happy Times

                          Every now and then, remember the happy times you shared with your loved one. Just as you do not need to deny your pain, remember you do not need to deny your joy either. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 138

Mindfulness is Powerful

                        Mindfulness is a powerful gift. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 138