Sleep & Difficult Emotions

                        Sleepiness can also be your mind’s way of avoiding difficult emotions, which makes it a side effect of aversion. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 99

Sensing The Presence of Loved Ones

                        Sometimes you may sense the presence of your loved one. A small percentage of people experience auditory hallucinations. These experiences are a normal part of grief. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 97

Loneliness and Grief

                        Loneliness is one of the most difficult feelings to tolerate when you are grieving. You may be able to find social support, but that is very different from replacing the emotional bond you had with your spouse, child, parent, or other person close … Read More >>

Painfulness of Loss

                        For most people, the most painful part of loss is the cavern of loneliness inside the heart. At first this may feel never-ending, but then you will suddenly realize that for a second you forgot about your loss, only to have reality come … Read More >>

The Skill of Noticing Distractions

                        The fact that you were aware enough to notice the distraction means you are in a mindful state. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 96

Connect With Direct Experience

                        Drop whatever story is showing up about why this is happening, and instead connect with the direct experience, and respond with skillful means. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 96

Mindfully Exploring Anxiety

                        Then get curious and explore how anxiety feels in your body. Where does it show up? What is its size, its shape, its color? You may notice that your mind is racing, your breath shallow, and your legs jumpy, and so you invite … Read More >>

Calling It What It Is

                          The most skillful way to address any of the Five Mental Hindrances is to first acknowledge its presence. You can do this by practicing the technique of mental noting, which is simply to call it what it is. From Mindfulness & Grief, … Read More >>

Mindful Walking: The Natural Rise & Fall of Sensations

                          Continue to walk mindfully: maintain awareness of your breath, of physical sensation, and of sights, smells, and sounds. Allow sensations, thoughts, and feelings to rise and fade away naturally. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 90

Connecting with Scents

                        Get curious about the scents in the air. The act of mindfully taking in scent will also reconnect you with your breath if you have lost touch along the way. From Mindfulness & Grief, Page 90